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MyEquilibria is a Sharing Experience

MyEquilibria is a Sharing Experience


Anyone with a smart phone can visit a MyEquilibria art installation and immediately interact with a virtual trainer and other MyEquilibria enthusiasts around the world. The MyEquilibria app provides real time workout suggestions specially customized for each user according to their body type, fitness goals and their favorite modes of exercise.

Astounding new geo-localization and augmented reality features implemented in the MyEquilibria app recognize precisely which art installation you are visiting, and immediately provide video instruction with a fitness expert using exactly the same wellness tree. The MyEquilibria app incorporates real time-tracking features that communicate with your smartphone and wearable’s sensors, to automatically monitor your level of physical activity, including time, distance, speed, calories burnt and heart-rate (for Apple Watch). The app also offers a variety of music and even an audio coach for increased motivation.

Health and fitness are something that everyone wants for themselves and for their friends and loved ones, and sharing the fun of MyEquilibria makes the user experience even more enjoyable. A MyEquilibria user in Milan can actually compete with a fellow MyEquilibria user in New York City in real time. MyEquilibria also enables users to video record and share their experiences with friends and family via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.