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MyEquilibria: The Perfect Fusion of Aesthetic Form and Athletic Function

MyEquilibria: The Perfect Fusion of Aesthetic Form and Athletic Function

Vito Di Bari MyEquilibria

Vito Di Bari has a vision for creating a better world through art and technology. This vision is not simply to beautify the landscape, but to bring people together with shared experience and healthy interaction creating a greater quality of life for everyone around the world. MyEquilibria is the physical manifestation of this enlightened vision for the world.

 MyEquilibria consists of wellness trees the remarkable design of which Vito developed using Voronoi Diagrams. Voronoi’s work mirrors nature’s simple perfection in spacial balance. Beginning from this aesthetically pleasing blue print, Di Bari added next generation technologies to his trees that engage and connect people across vast distances.

 Open-air exercise has been proven to provide active people with superior results in both physical and psychological results. Simply stated, people are happier and healthier when they exercise outdoors. MyEquilibria provides both the mechanism for exercising outside, as well as personalized routines through a virtual personal trainer. Using the MyEquilibria app for their smart phones, anyone can enjoy the wellness trees as versatile pieces of exercise equipment complete with video instructions. In addition to this amazing resource, MyEquilibria allows people to connect with other MyEquilibria users in real time worldwide.