MY products

My Products are a fusion of a classic re-designed style implementing next technologies in a hidden and seamless way. Let me show you some of them, the ones that I’ve done on my own, without a contract, and therefore I don’t have any confidentiality clause to comply.

One day I was working at a table in a bar in Milan. Next to me there were two mothers with their babies in baby carriages. While pushing their children back and forth in the strollers, these mothers were speaking of the dangers to their infants’ health such as environmental pollution, and the invasive electromagnetic waves of mobile phones and repeaters. And I began thinking of the baby carriages of the Victorian era, which were tall and strong because the hazards at the time included the deep mud, potholes, and traffic ditches that were characteristic of shabby roads. I started to think about how the stroller of the future should be a protective nest for our children. Because I love to draw Gaussian curves, I started sketching from that anomalous thought, Victorian baby carriages for the future. I started to draw them, modernize them, modify them to integrate new technologies and new materials ... And here's what came out. I called it The O2 Pram (British term for baby carriage), as it was the purity of oxygen and Victorian durability that inspired me.

O2 Pram

The Ultimate Baby Carriage

Several studies have shown that the invisible fields of electromagnetic waves can be harmful to a baby’s developing brain. Pollution in urban areas also poses a threat to infant health, as does the sun’s dangerous UV rays. My baby carriage is equipped with materials that are treated to protect against pollution by filtering the air, materials treated to provide protection from the sun by blocking out UV rays, and fabrics specially treated to keep the carriage environment hygienic. In order to aid parents in determining if an environment is safe, The O2 Pram has an electronic display, which provides warnings for the unseen dangers. When excessive pollution levels are detected, an indicator informs the parent to close the cover of the carriage. The transparent cover is made of a textile that protects against UV rays, and provides a notification when the internal environment of the carriage is unclean. The textiles inside must be washed on occasion, but the O2 Pram gauges the amount of pollution absorbed, and will notify the parent when it is time for the next wash.

Whenever I have to go on a trip for a short period of time, I have the same dilemma. On one hand, I don’t want to have to drag around too much luggage, but on the other hand, I don’t want to be short of options with my clothes and accessories. These trips are usually so short that I can’t have my stuff washed by the hotel laundry... So I end up taking a second bag of luggage that I cannot take with me as a carry-on, (which these days often costs additional money) and then I have to wait for it at the baggage claim before having to lug it around. How wonderful it would be if I could dry wash my shirts, T-shirts, and underwear at night, while I’m sleeping. Pondering this, I thought to myself, “Hey! Why not?! I just need to miniaturize an electric dry washing machine and put it in my suitcase!” And so I did it. Have a look!

O3 Suitcase

The Luggage that Dry Cleans

My design was inspired by the luggage used first in the 18th century by the British royal family, and then used in the 19 century by British aristocrats travelling to Italy. But also, for a graphical oriented pattern, appearing more technical and masculine, I have been inspired by the graphics of the 1920’s. I named it “O3” because I used an ozonizer. I used an ozonizer because the O3 destroys the air pollution and bacteria that lead to bad smells. I also implemented an invisible miniature battery powering an ionizer and a fan for air circulation. Moreover, I had already named the pram “O2”, so it looked like the perfect ... next step :)

The HyBike
and The
LightUp Helmet

A few years ago, I was asked by Ferrari’s Executive in charge of licensing and shops to think of a line of products designed around new materials and new technologies that they could sell in their shops before those innovations reached the mass market. It was a cool challenge, and I welcomed it. Then -- as often happens in our industry -- the executive moved on to greener pastures, and the new executive had a different strategy. I rebranded most of the products that I had designed, and then offered them to other corporations… except these two: a hybrid bike and a collection of fiber optic - trimmed helmets. Here they are. Like them?

My design for the bike was inspired by the first motorcycle built by Daimler. There is a lot of wood, making it warmer and classier. The knobs have a radiant heating system designed to reduce muscle tension and tendon strain generated on the palms of the rider. The pedals feature nanotech materials that provide excellent friction with any shoe sole in any weather condition. The security system reads the biometric parameters of the owner’s hand, and locks the handles and wheels. A bag fitted to the frame, provides wireless recharging of all electronic devices placed inside it. Among the new innovations applied to the bike: witricity in the bag to charge devices and laptop, jade handle to reduce stress on the hands, RB tires, and RB pedals.

When I get home from work, tired from arguing with clients or stressed-out about my Team, I’d really like to lay down with a martini cocktail, and enjoy a great massage. Needless to say, my wife will not allow a masseuse in our home :) And I would never buy any of the horrible massage chairs on the market today... So I usually just have the martini cocktail :) Isn’t that unfair? Well, one day I decided that I’m a designer for a reason, and sketched an armchair. Yes! Just like LeCorbusier or Nyemeier... Want to see what my “rest machine” looks like?

IR Armchair

Spa Treatment at Home

Thanks to Infrared Rays (IR), the chaise lounge has healing, calming, and health-improving effects -- such as improved blood circulation, better oxygenation of tissues, improved mobility of bones and joints, and the reduction of inflammation and pain in muscles and joints. Using hidden perfume emitters, the IR Armchair is also able to perform aromatherapy, and through integrated speakers it provides the soothing sounds of your favorite music.

I have always been attracted to enhancing everyday objects -the ones that you may find in the living room or in the kitchen. But (don’t ask me why) nobody ever asks me to design them. One day I was in Copenhagen, and my wife said, “While we are here, I want to look for an Oil and Vinegar cruet”. “Why?” I asked her, and she gave me a look, “First of all, Danish designers are the best for tableware. And second, we don’t have one because there are no beautiful O&V cruets around...” “Mmh ...”, I thought. Then, back at the hotel, I started working on this cruet.

O&V Cruet

The Cruet of the Future

My O&V Cruet is made of electrochemical glass that becomes transparent only when you lift up the bottles to check the liquid level. When stationary, it remains opaque in order to protect your wine from sunlight, and thus keep the flavor exactly as you tasted it in the wine cellar where you bought it. The electrochromicity consists of a liquid crystal layer between two sheets of glass. The state of transparency is modified, by applying an electrical field. In the absence of voltage, the glass is completely transparent. When a voltage is applied, the liquid crystal layers change, blocking UV radiation, and making the glass 80% opaque. The base is designed with different finishes such as cork, silver, and Bakelite.